Nick's Resume PicMy name is Nick Benke and I’m a 3D Character Animator.

My passion is to create vibrant appealing motion for a wide range of characters, from awkward mailmen to ninja assassins to a giant fish crab god. I especially love how the tight restrictions of the development process force creatively in problem-solving and functionality to ensure the most fluid motions possible.

I am currently a student at the University of Texas at Dallas in the School of Arts and Technology working towards a Masters of Fine Art focusing on 3D Character Animation with an expected graduation date of May 2018. I have 6 plus years of experience pursuing 3D character animation in school and outside contract work.  During this time I have gained expertise in both video game and animated film production pipelines.  I know how to work closely with a rigger to give me the controls I need to achieve the tightest animations possible. I enjoy working with a team of other animators and supervisors to encourage consistent internal feedback ensuring the best results.  I know how to go about creating fluid loops for the tight deadlines of a game production pipeline, as well as how to collaborate with a team of animators to create cohesive and unique characters for film production.

I put soul into every project I’m involved with so that I continue to grow and evolve. During both my Graduate and Undergraduate degree I focused primarily on Key-Frame animation; however, I have also had the opportunity to use and become familiar with all steps in the motion capture pipeline, acting in the mocap suit, recording through Blade to collect accurate data, and final cleanup after exporting to Maya and Motion builder. Through my experience on these projects and with consistent outside contract work, I have become confident in my ability to deliver expressive, polished animations on schedule.