Master’s Project

MFA Abstract: The purpose of my project is to showcase my skills as 3D Character Animator and expand my skills to implement these animations into a game engine. I want to create the most fluid and impactful animations possible in an interactive environment, specifically focusing on the transitions between animations during gameplay.

Download link: Download and play for yourself!!

My thesis served as a detailed documentation of the full development of this project
Google Docs Link: Nick Benke MFA Thesis


My Contribution:
I was lucky enough to be responsible for bringing life into the massive creatures that inhabit the alien worlds of InnerSpace. One of the groups of friends I worked with on projects during undergraduate school brought me on as an animator for InnerSpace, which would become our very first fully published game. I created all the animations for the massive god-like creatures that preside over the alien worlds the character explores in the game. Working in Blender and Unity, I got to animate massive creatures like a crab god, a holographic monkey AI, and a sun-infused fish.

Available on: Steam / Xbox / PS4 / Switch

Panopticon 2016

My primary job on the team was creating all Character Animations and helping with implementation into Unreal Engine 4. I worked very closely with the creative director to get the exact character feel he was wanting. I also worked very closely with the character rigger and programmer to make sure the pipeline was a smooth as possible to get the best character motion in the game possible.

Panopticon is a 2.5D platformer where the player must manipulate and evade spotlights to escape a prison. The gameplay experience is inspired by Michel Foucault’s writings on panopticism in Discipline and Punish: The Birth of the Prison.

Bot 2016

I helped my friend Michael Stewart by creating the character animations for his Masters game project. The character, Bot, is a small cute robot with a simple cartoony feel to his movements and actions.

BOT is a 3D adventure platformer which turns the collectible into a resource that players need to manage during gameplay. BOT is also followed by a character called CAM which is solely controlled by the player.