Demo Reel

Nick Benke Demo Reel

Shot Breakdown

1) Master’s Thesis Project – For this project, I created character animations and taught myself how to implement them into Unreal Engine 4. The three screens are divided up between raw key-frame animations (top left), some of my Unreal Engine editor work (bottom left), and the final character running real-time in engine (center right). The only help I received on the project was in the creation of the model and rig in Maya. I did everything else, including all animations, importing, and character/animation scripting.

2) Orge Axe Combo Attack – Practice for creating combo attack animations. I received the model and rig from a character pack and key-framed the animations in Maya.

3) Guy climbing on side of a building – Practice for creating mantle animations and body mechanics. I received the model and rig from a character pack and key-framed the animations in Maya.

4) InnerSpace Leviathan Swimming – I created all the animations for the God-Like creatures in InnerSpace, my first fully published game. This is the Crab God Leviathan swimming animation. With help in creating the model and rig, I key-framed the animations in Blender and imported them into Unity.

5) Shot series from Sasquatch – Final rendered versions of some of my shots I created for a school project. This project was part of the Animation Studio course at UTD. Intended to create a moc-studio setting, this class is the highest level course in the Animation department where a large group of students brings their skills together to create a short film over a years time. My job was to create the animations for my assigned shots on the project.

6) Venom Running – I downloaded a Venom model and rig online so that I could animate one of my favorite fictional characters. This animation was practice creating a more animalistic run cycle with a humanoid rig.

7) Castor and Pollux – A couple animations I created for the co-op game Cator and Pollux. This is one of the projects I worked on in Game Production Lab at UTD. As the Game Design equivalent of Animation Studio, this high-level course was intended to create a moc-studio setting where several students work together to create a small game in half a year. During this project, I had the pleasure of working with the same group of guys who would go on to create PolyKnight Games and would eventually bring me on to animate for InnerSpace.

8) Flirting Guy – This started out as brainstorming for the shot in Sasquatch where the character approached a counter. After the idea was rejected for that shot, I exaggerated it further and added a girl for him to approach. I received the model and rig from a character pack and key-framed the animations in Maya.